Escape Room Clarion

Where Adventure Awaits!

At Escape Room Clarion, we’re passionate about creating unforgettable experiences for families and friends. As a small business, we take pride in crafting immersive escape rooms that challenge your wit and teamwork.

A passion for adventure!

We are dedicated to providing exciting escape experiences. With four unique rooms and a few rotating rooms, we invite you to join us on an immersive puzzle-solving journey.

Search for the Stone

Capacity: Up to 6 people

Unravel the mystery and discover the hidden stone within 60 minutes.

Hagrid’s Hut and the Forbidden Forest

Capacity: Up to 8 people

Explore the magical world and face the challenges of the Forbidden Forest.


Capacity: Up to 8 people

Can you prevent disaster and uncover the truth in time?


Capacity: Up to 10 people

Survive the impending doom and save humanity in this thrilling room.

Reserve your escape experience now! Bookings must be made at least 24 hours ahead of time through our website.

Call or text us at 814-205-3150 for same-day availability.